Best Online Bingo Sites for Irish Players 2024

Before we explore the exciting details about the best bingo sites, first, let’s understand what this game is all about. Online bingo is just like in-person bingo; the only difference is that you don’t shout ‘Bingo’ when you win. This game's main objective is to cover and cross of all numbers on the bingo card as the game progresses. 

The best thing about playing the game virtually is that online bingo will do everything for you. It marks the numbers for you and alerts you when you are close to winning. Also, if you have multiple cards, it keeps those with the best chance of winning consistently at the top. You may have the choice to dab the number or go for the auto-dabber option.

Read on to learn more about online bingo, from how to play to its promotions, payouts, and online casinos. 

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Types of Bingo

There are three main types of bingo that you can play online. They include:

90-Ball Bingo

Cards or tickets here involve a 9×3 grid with 15 numbers, played with 90 balls. You win bingo by covering three-stage patterns: one line, two lines, or a full house. On the one line, you will cover all numbers in any single row, then cover all numbers in any two rows on the same card at the two-line pattern and cover all 15 numbers on the full house pattern. 

80-Ball Bingo

As the name suggests, the game uses numbers 1-80, has a 4×4 grid, 16 numbers in total, and no Free Space. The aim is to complete various patterns, including vertical lines, horizontal lines, diagonals, four corners, or a ‘Big X.’

Winning 80-ball bingo is also like winning 90-ball through the following ways:

  • Line wins: You win this by marking off complete horizontal, vertical, and diagonal lines
  • Pattern wins: Here, you make patterns like those in 75-ball bingo, but you must first determine the patterns you need to make before the game starts.
  • Four corners – You can also win 80-Ball bingo by completing four numbers that make the four corners of your ticket
  • Full house: You win by crossing off every number on your grid. 

When playing 80-ball bingo, some games may take longer due to the larger pool of players, but others are shorter.

75-Ball Bingo

75-Ball Bingo has a 5×5 grid, and you can play with 24 numbers. Unlike 80-Ball Bingo, it has a center square marked as free space. You win this kind of bingo by completing specific patterns, including one line, two lines, and full house. The speed of the games here is relatively quick because it uses a small number range. 

How To Play Bingo Online

The most crucial step is choosing a reputable casino. Select a trusted online bingo site with various games, attractive bonuses, and a user-friendly interface, then create an account. Now, let’s proceed to playing bingo.

  • Make a deposit: Visit the casino, check out the minimum deposit required on the platform, and pay using the available payment methods. These can be e-wallets, cryptocurrencies, or debit and credit cards. 
  • Select a bingo game: You can select a bingo game while considering the different types of bingo.
  • Purchase bingo cards and join a bingo room. The cost of the cards you buy may depend on the game and the provider. Next, enter a bingo lobby where the game is about to begin. The rooms will also depend on your ticket price and jackpot size.
  • Play the game: Once the game starts, your number will be drawn randomly by the computer or live caller and automatically marked off. You will aim to complete specific patterns and win the round.

After winning the game, ensure you claim your prize. The bingo site should automatically verify your winning card and credit your account. The prize will depend on the title and the number of players. 

Best Online Bingo Promotions

Playing at online casinos in Ireland offering different bingo promotions increases your chances of winning and ensures you gain more access to the best casino games in Ireland. Some of the best online bingo promotions for players in Ireland include:

Free Bingo Tickets

With tickets from free bingo sites, you can access virtual seats in the digital bingo halls and win prizes at no expense. These tickets can be given as welcome offers, allowing you to play at bingo sites without wagering. This offer also works just as free spins for playing the best slots in Ireland. 

Matched Deposit Bonus

A matched deposit bonus is an offer in which a bingo casino matches a bonus fund with a percentage, usually 100-500%. To claim such a bonus, you must meet the wagering requirements. 

Loyalty Bingo Bonus

Sometimes, after spending some time and a certain amount at a bingo site, they may offer a loyalty membership club. This membership comes with certain perks and bonuses like free spins, tournament entry, cash bonuses, and free withdrawals. You can also save accumulated loyalty points and increase your status. Such promotions are the best way to win more at the best Irish casinos without constantly spending more.  

How Are Bingo Payouts?

Compared to other slots, bingo games tend to have a lower RTP, and most of them are between 70-85%. In online casinos, several factors affect the Bingo payout, including ticket prices, the number of tickets sold, and the jackpot and payout structure. 

However, on average, you’ll find the RTP for 90-ball bingo to be pretty steady at around 80%, while 75-ball bingo can vary between 70% and 85%. Also, depending on your casinos, the payouts of bingo games can be determined by withdrawal limits, wagering requirements, and caps on winnings.

What Are the Odds of Winning in Bingo?

Though bingo is a game of chance, some factors can still affect the chance to win. These include the number of players, the number of cards in play, the specific bingo game variant, and the winning pattern pursued. However, it is still impossible to guarantee a win or calculate any game’s precise odds. Here is an explanation of factors influencing the odds of winning bingo:

  • Number of cards played: The more cards you play with, the higher your chances of winning are. Having multiple cards will increase the probability of having the winning numbers on at least one of them. 
  • Number of players: The fewer, the better. Remember that bingo requires a higher level of concentration and speed, and if you play with more people, particularly those who are good at the game, your chances of winning will gradually decrease.
  • The complexity of the winning pattern: You will have higher chances of winning when you fill a single-line pattern than more intricate patterns like blackout or letter patterns. 
  • Distribution of numbers on your bingo card: Having more distributed numbers or evenly spread numbers may increase your chances of having a winning number called.

But despite all these, bingo is a game of luck, and each round is independent of the other. The outcomes are determined by a random number generator, and they’re impossible to predict. 

Best Bingo Software Providers

Since most bingo sites always feature different bingo games, slots, and other casino games, checking the source of their titles is always essential. Ensure your casino is sourcing games from top software providers that offer top-notch graphics and immersive content. Some of the best bingo software providers include:

  • Playtech 
  • Microgaming
  • Dragon Fish
  • Pragmatic Play
  • Relax Gaming
  • Quickspin
  • Evolution Gaming
  • NetEnt
  • IGT
  • Gamesys
  • Blueprint

These top game providers avail titles with the latest encryption edition, ensuring your safety and security while playing online.

Newest Bingo Sites in Ireland

The good thing about playing bingo at the new top 10 bingo sites is that these casinos offer rewarding bonuses and promotions. While trying to gain ground in the industry, these casinos offer exciting bonuses to attract and retain players into their platforms. You will also realize that they tend to offer some of the best casino games in Ireland from top game providers. So go through our list of casinos in Ireland and find new no-deposit bingo sites offering bingo, like Lukki Casino and Revolution Casino. 

How to Win at Bingo: Best Tips and Strategies

The bottom line of bingo is that it is entirely based on luck, and therefore, there is no trick to consistently winning. However, there are simple tips and strategies that you can employ to improve the probability of winning. These include:

  • Set a budget: Bingo is quite expensive, and you can easily be trapped into spending more than you can handle. Therefore, you must set a budget. It can be a daily, weekly, or monthly budget, depending on what you can afford to lose. 
  • Buy more card games: The more you have, the higher your chances of winning. Statistics have shown that if a number doesn’t appear on one card, it almost certainly will on the next. So try to purchase as many cards as possible because it is the fastest answer to how to win bingo. 
  • Stay away from side bets. Remember that success comes in small steps, and trying to go with the flow and try your luck on progressive bets may lead you to a significant fall. Jackpots are exciting and entertaining, but in the long run, your chances of winning are always far less than when you play a regular game. 
  • Join a game with fewer players: If you are familiar with the idiom ‘Three is a Crowd,’ you had better stick to it when playing bingo. The best time to play bingo is when there are few players and possibly like-minded players, so the game can go on for quite a while before anyone wins. 
  • Register with bingo sites with bonus: Claiming offers at bingo sites with bonus will increase your bankroll. This will allow you to buy more cards, play for extended periods, and acquire experience, increasing your chances of winning at free bingo sites.

Increasing your chances of winning bingo at online casinos requires always staying in the know. Read frequently, learn what other players say about bingo, and get to know the latest bonus that can help you win.  

Online Bingos Pros & Cons

✅ Convenience❌ Lack of traditional thrill
✅ Lower costs
✅ Bonus and promotions
✅ Variety
✅ Community chat

Online Bingo Sites in Ireland – Our Verdict

After reviewing the best online bingo sites in Ireland, we recommend you visit and experience the thrill. These sites have legitimate licenses, exciting bonuses and promotions, good graphics, and many bingo games. Claiming these bonuses to play at no-deposit bingo sites will wide game variety, informative graphics, and a legit licence will expose you to huge winnings. 


What are the winning patterns in bingo?

The winning patterns at best bingo sites are single-line, four-corner, X pattern, Full House/Blackout, letter patterns, and custom patterns. 

What skill should I have to win online bingo?

Online bingo is a game of chance; you won’t need any skill to win it. 

Can I increase my chances in bingo?

Yes. You can increase your chances of winning bingo by using multiple cards, choosing games with fewer players, and avoiding side bets.

Are online bingo winnings fixed?

No. Online casinos use a random number generator to ensure that winnings are fair and unbiased. 

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